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Engineers First Stop For Answers: 3M Assembly Solutions

An engineer’s day starts with problems to solve, requirements to meet and design and production constraints to overcome. Finding and fitting the puzzle pieces that yield success is what energizes you about being an engineer. However, getting there by digging through websites, whitepapers and every technical brief ever published may not. When the solutions you

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Anest Iwata Partners With BK Racing

Anest Iwata has partnered with BK Racing as a primary sponsor on Matt DiBenedetto’s No. 83 Toyota at Kentucky Speedway. Anest Iwata USA, is the North American Spray Equipment Headquarters for the Anest Iwata Corporation of Yokohama, Japan.  Besides being the leading producer of spray guns in the world, Anest Iwata specializes in painting equipment,

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Gemini & AWFS Partnerships in Excellence

Gemini is excited to be a part of AWFS 2015 in Las Vegas, July 22nd – July 25th! This year Gemini will be highlighting their Partnerships in Excellence message plus feature their Low VOC and Waterborne coating lines. Gemini prides itself on building successful partnerships with each customer. Gemini has also built a dynamic partnership with Sirca Wood Coatings

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IVM Group Announces New US Subsidiary and Strengthened Team

IVM Group, the European market leader in professional wood coatings, is pleased to announce that it has officially completed the incorporation of its subsidiary in the United States. It will cover both the US and Canadian markets, effective March 16, 2015. Its North American offices will be located at 301 McCullough Drive, Charlotte, North Carolina,

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ISO-ANSI-OSHA Meeting Report

Last week, in the first meeting of its kind, ten ISO members representing Germany, France, Austria, Brazil and Italy met with US/TAG (Technical Advisory Group) members and OSHA at the ANSI New York offices. The ISO group has reactivated and reviewed existing European machine standards, for the purpose of creating new and up to date

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Joey Harrison Joins Milesi Team

Joey Harrison has joined the Milesi team as Technical Sales Manager for the Southern and Eastern United States and Canada. Harrison has 15 plus years’ experience in the wood finishes and coatings industry. Harrison’s focus will be providing technical support and training to Milesi Distributors and end users in North America. Effective immediately Harrison will

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