Building a Stress-Free Workplace

Are you stressed out by your workplace? You walk into work and can feel your blood pressure rising. Some stress is unavoidable. You have to deal with deadlines, meetings, workflow, or other job related factors. A big factor is the physical environment in which you work. It’s also the easiest place to get some stress relief. Here are some tips to calm done your work space.

Clean up and organize

There’s an old saying that creative mess is better than tidy idleness. It couldn’t be more wrong. It can be very difficult to concentrate when your space is filled with paperwork, empty drink containers, tools, magazines, catalogs, and other flotsam. Encourage your employees to design a storage system that gives everything a place that makes sense and keeps everything accessible. Not having to do an archeological dig through older and older layers will definitely lower their stress.

Revamp your job expectations

If you have employees having trouble handling their work loads , aren’t sure what their job tasks are, or there are too many people doing the same thing unnecessarily, it’s time to rethink their jobs and more clearly define what their jobs are. Rethink your job descriptions, evaluate employee skill sets, and then juggle tasks around so the most qualified employee is doing the jod best suited for them. An employee that’s doing a job where their skills allow them to excel will be much calmer, more focused, and more motivated.

Allow personal touches

A touch of home can have a significant calming effect. Family pictures, children’s artwork, Items from their favorite team, or hobby related items can all add an air of familiarity and make a workspace more inviting.

Upgrade your tech

Computers are ubiquitous in the workplace and can make thing much simpler unless your computers are the electronic equivalent of stone knives and bearskins. Few things build stress like having to wait for even a small program to load or a job to print. Slow computers=slow productivity=stress. Replace the digital dinosaurs in your business with new technology. That means more than computers but also printers, routers, cables. Consider providing tablets so employees have access anywhere in your facility. That way they can act on ideas and react to problems as soon as they occur.

Keep an open door

Make sure that communications keep flowing through it in both directions. Employees have questions comments, concerns, and complaints and nothing builds stress more than when employees feel that managements is uninterested in what they have to say. They are in the trenches every day and have a bird’s eye view of day to day operations. Their insights can be invaluable. Pair your open door with an open mind. Not everything employees have to offer will be of value but you will be surprised by how much of it does. Also make an effort to let them know how the company is doing. What new projects are coming in, what’s happening with current projects, new equipment on the horizon, and other big picture information. If they fell informed, they will also feel they have more of a stake in the company. That’s a big stress reliever.

Stress is a production killer in the workforce. Following these tips can go a long way towards lowering it. That’s good for your business, your employees, and yourself.